Yet another programs launcher.

In my minds, it is something average between classic menu and dock. It's designed primarily for relativily small devices - laptops and netbooks, for example.

When you launch it, it draws (full-screen) window, displaying QWERTY-keyboard. With digits (on screen or on keyboard) you can switch sections (you can organize programs into sections as you wish). With letters (on keyboard or on screen) you launch programs. Programs that are running already are marked on screen. Instead of launching already running program, qwerty-launcher switches you to that's window.

Sections and programs are described in ~/.config/qwerty.conf config file. Example config file is shipped.

With Spacebar, something like taskbar is displayed (buttons for opened windows). Pressing Spacebar again switches you to main mode back.

Depends: python, python-xlib, python-gtk2, wmctrl.

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