This is a small library to organize RPC over TCP/IP, using YAML as data serialization format.

RPC server should supply a set of "RPC methods", which are simply functions ::
a -> IO b, `a' and 'b' should be of class IsYamlObject. This class guarantees
that values of given type can be serialized to YAML and de-serialized.
Network.YAML.Instances module provides some instances declaration for this
typeclass. Moreover, Network.YAML.Derive module contains (TemplateHaskell)
function deriveIsYamlObject, which will help you to declare `instance
IsYamlObject ...' for almost any ADT.

RPC-client calls RPC-methods usually using one of two ways. First is to use `call' (or `callDynamic') function from Network.YAML.Caller module. One need to give method name as it's parameter. Second way is to use (TemplateHaskell-) function `remote' from Network.YAML.WrapMethods module to declare wrapper functions for RPC-methods. These wrappers will have same names as source functions, and almost same behaivour. Single difference is that wrappers require pair: (RPC-server host name, port number) as their first argument.

You can see examples of usage in files Test.hs and TestCall.hs. Haddock documentation is here.

Depends: ghc >= 6.10, network, data-object, data-object-yaml, yaml, data-default, convertible-text.

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